Logo In green


For this project I decided to rebrand and revamp Stone Mountain Park’s logo as well as certain elements of the park. Stone Mountain Park has had the same logo for a number of years. If you’ve ever been on their hiking trail, sometimes it can feel as if you are walking forever. In order to minimize this issue, I came up with Distance and Encouragement signage. Distance to let you know how far you are from the end and Encouragement signs to give hikers that extra push they need to keep going.

Display Table


Pocket Map Close-Up

I created what I call a “Pocket Map” for hikers to take with them. It contains a simplified map of the Walk-Up Trail as well as helpful information for new hikers.


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Bottles Close-Up

Stn Mtn Shirt Mockup
T-Shirt Close-Up
Sticker Takeaways.jpg
Takeaway Stickers

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